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Wednesday 19 June 2024

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Travel Tips: How to Find a Hotel Within the Budget

How to find a hotel within the budget

If you are a constant traveller then by this time you must have realised that it is not easy to find a hotel that fits in your budget.

You may have to go through a number of options before settling for one. So if you believe in saving money, better follow the steps and get accommodation for less:

1. Plan ahead

If you plan things in advance and are flexible with the options, then you will be able to save a good amount of money. There are many hotels which provide good money saving deals if you book rooms in advance. Chances are there that later, the rate of the rooms may drop down from what has been previously decided, and in that case you can negotiate to bring down the price.

Many a time, hotels are very desperate to fill up their rooms the same night, so call the hotel to bargain. If you are lucky you will be able to strike a good deal.

2. Look for promo codes

If you are looking for some cheap deals, search for a hotel along with the term promo on the internet. You will get a number of promo codes which can then be later used on booking sites or on a hotel’s own website. For example, if you are trying to book a room through Travelodge, use a travelodge voucher code of £5 off on the website when you are booking the room. Sites like provide reward points and cashback, so you can even look out for these options.

3. Look out for sales

There are many people out there who do not have a proper plan regarding their trip. These people can look for sales on booking websites. The last minute deals and offers will help them to plan a trip for less. If you are this kind of traveller, sign up for email alerts to get fresh Travelodge discount codes direct to your inbox.

4. Loyalty bonus

This is a plus point for frequent travellers. Most of the hotels offer some perks or discounts to the guests who visit their hotels regularly. For example, gives an extra free night for every ten nights booked through them. Using credit cards also has its own perks. If you are a frequent visitor, take a chance and ask for a free breakfast, or an upgrade or something like that. A voucher code 2016 can also be used to get some amazing discounts.

5. Use your affiliations

If you are a student, serve in the military or are an AAA member, chances are there that you can get a discount. Just check with hotels to know what they can offer you. Chances are, you will be able to get some good deals.

6. Consider where you’re staying

Understand one thing: staying in the middle of the city is going to cost you more. So if you want to save some money, why not stay a little bit further out? It will give you a different experience and a chance to interact with the locals who live away from all the glitter and glamour.

7. Go for other options

Sometimes it may not be possible to get the cheapest deals. Instead, you can try out options like hostels or Airbnb. Other options are couch-surfing, home sitting, etc. They may not be that comfortable but will match your budget.

So plan a trip, pack your bags and set out to explore new far away lands.

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