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Wednesday 19 June 2024

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Alike in dignity, a Starcrossed pub cat and his team make for a fabulous London local

The Exmouth Arms pub, London

The Exmouth Arms in Camden represents traditional English pubs at their best, and has a fabulous furry feline to boot…

It has been my habit by choice, of late, to undertake journeys to northern and central Europe, wherever possible, by train. This adventure starts within twenty or so minutes of my home, at which point I catch my trusty Virgin Pendolino along the west coast mainline to London Euston where, if I have the time, I like to enjoy an evening in the capital. Sometimes this might include a trip to the theatre, others a relaxing dinner and, more often than not, a couple of beers in what I now refer to as my London local, the Exmouth Arms.

Situated on Starcross Street, a mere stone’s throw from my hotel and, indeed, Euston Station itself, this lively London institution is named after one Edward Pellew, the first Lord Exmouth, and the street itself after the village of Starcross, which can be found, predictably, just outside Exmouth in Devon. According to the pub’s website, Pellew masterminded the great victory against piracy at the battle of Algiers and was truly one of our foremost naval heroes. His remains rest at Christow in Devon.

Although tucked away in a quiet corner of suburbia, there is nothing more pleasant on a sunny day than sipping a quiet beer among the abundant and bountiful hanging baskets, simply letting the world go by. With its fairly constant and eclectic chorus of both locals and commuters, this is a traditional English pub in every sense of the word. As warm and cosy in winter as it is airy and inviting in more clement weather, the Exmouth offers a pleasing range of bitters, lagers, ales and, for those connoisseurs of the black stuff, beautifully kept Guinness. There is also a varied menu available, with classic pub grub to satisfy the hungriest of bellies – many’s the time we’ve intended of an evening to move on to a restaurant, but been in such thrall from this establishment’s charm that we’ve opted to stay on and avail ourselves of its excellent, tasty fare. It’s never been a mistake!

Staff are friendly and personable, but without doubt the master of the house is your host, Sylvester, the pub’s fabulous, friendly, sleepy black and white cat. Only the thing is, a few years ago we named him Camden, and that’s who he’ll always be to us, although we have reached amicable agreement with the licensee and her team to call him by his new, official, full name, Sylvester Camden. If you’d like to see a picture of this magnificent and ancient moggy, check out the gallery on our Frittens of the World volume two.

Exmouth Arms
1 Starcross Street


Tel: +44 (0)20 7387 5440


Popularity: 56% [?]

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