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Thursday 25 July 2024

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Frittens of the World – volume two

Brother and sister Gomez and Joyce as little bubbas. Joyce, sadly, is no longer with us.

More frittenish, feline fabulosity from the four corners of the world. You know you want them!

As we’ve already said, it matters not where your travels and adventures take you, it won’t be long before you stumble across (or completely, undignifiedly over) a nearby fritten. They won’t mind. Well, they won’t care actually and will probably just start to have a good old wash, but they’ll still manage to capture your heart, plus whatever you might have about your person that they can munch on.

Some would say they’re full of cupboard love, and I suppose that’s true – they know exactly where the meat and kibbles reside.

So enjoy this latest selection. and remember – if you’d like to post your own, simply email them to Well, an image of them – frittens themselves aren’t too keen on cyberspace. No food, you see. And please keep them to a meg or under.

And lastly – apologies that some of these aren’t the finest quality images that you’re used to on World Travel Blog. Whilst some of them completely love the limelight, others are just that way out, so you have to grab ‘em while you can and just get what you can get.


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