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Thursday 30 May 2024

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Business Travel Insurance – What to Look For


A few tips when it comes to travel insurance

Anyone who is organising a business trip abroad should make a point of finding good travel insurance for themselves and their staff. None of us know what is around the corner and it is always advisable to have an optimal amount of cover in place.

But there are a lot of different insurers to choose from out there and some are bound to be better than others. The policy you take out may not prove to be the cheapest travel insurance, but if it provides you with the right kind of cover then it can be of enormous value in the long run.

Here are three of the main things to look out for in a travel insurance policy that is designed for business use –

Special Cover?

How frequently will you or/and your staff be travelling abroad? Some insurers will have a special policy for anyone who is planning a large amount of trips overseas.

Missed Trips.

Cancellations can come about for a variety of different reasons. And your business should be prepared for as many eventualities as possible. Any business trip may have to be cancelled if one of your colleagues is unwell on the actual day.

Find out exactly how much cover your travel insurance will offer you in this kind of situation.


Accidents or other medical emergencies are always a possibility and they can quickly have a major effect on your trip abroad; a nasty bout of food poisoning or a fall down a flight of stairs are both firmly within the realms of possibility.

Find out from your insurance company exactly what you are/are not protected against!

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