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Thursday 30 May 2024

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Ostend’s Cycloon bar – fabulous, glitzy and fun!


It was our last night in Ostend, and we did not want to stop the party at 9pm as many of the popular bars would have us do.

Oh no, seasoned party-goers us – we wanted to carry on ’til at least eleven, maybe even midnight! Dare devils.

Heading from the centre back up towards the promenade, we criss-crossed the side streets looking for signs of life when, quelle surprise, out jumps the colourful bar Cycloon, flaunting itself like a diamond.

This most excellent little establishment is a relaxed, fun and safe space, rich with character and characters, and brimming with an atmosphère conviviale belonging to greater days. Drinks are plentiful, and always served with a camaraderie that makes you feel as if you are among friends from the second you cross the threshold.

In full swing when we left it, Cycloon already felt like we were bidding au revoir to old friends, and the parting was bittersweet, but we knew we would return. So if you seek a little fun, friendship and diversity during your time in Ostend, we urge you to track this superb little establishment down – and tell them we sent you!

8400 Ostend

Popularity: 22% [?]

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