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Thursday 25 July 2024

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Café Belge offers all the charm of Leuven, inside or out

Leuven's Café Belge

About half way along Oude Markt opposite the College of the Holy Spirit, is the remarkable Café Belge.

With an atmosphere reminiscent of those wonderful old Stella Artois television ads, this warm and friendly watering hole offers a huge array of beers at unbelievably low prices, together with a tempting range of light beer snacks

With plenty of outside seating, it makes  for the perfect venue to sit and people watch, whatever the season or clemency of the weather.

Café Belge leaves you in no doubt whatsoever that you are very much in the heart of a student city, but offers all the quirky charm that goes with that, so if you’re lucky enough to fetch up in this wonderful metropolis, make sure you seek it out.

Café Belge
Oude Markt 35
3000 Leuven


Tel.: 0032 497 10 72 06


Popularity: 2% [?]

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