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Thursday 30 May 2024

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Holidays to Turkey – the best of both worlds


World Travel Blog has always been passionate about showing you the countries, cities and regions which aren’t on most “conventional” tourist itineraries. But sometimes the biggest surprises and best discoveries are in the places which you might think you already know, and the perennial enigma of Turkey is one such cornucopia of latent adventure.

Holidays to Turkey are a familiar sight in travel agents’ windows and online, and yet the variety that this country offers is all too often overlooked, leaving many self-proclaimed “serious” travellers to dismiss it as a one-trick pony. An injustice indeed, when one stops to consider the wealth of history, culture and sheer beauty that awaits here. A holiday in Turkey can be anything you want it to be – the options are pretty much only limited by your own imagination, and the country’s melting-pot atmosphere is conducive to most travellers’ pursuits.

Of course, many people head to Turkey in search of reliable summer weather and some good old-fashioned R & R; and in this respect you can’t fail to come up trumps. Family-friendly Mediterranean beach resorts like Marmaris offer all the holiday trappings you’d expect when you need to recharge your batteries, and with cheap flights to Turkey available from many airlines (Monarch flights to Turkey usually represent excellent value), you’ll often find that a trip to this part of the world won’t break the bank.

Similarly, the Aegean resort of Bodrum is a tempting proposition for sun-worshippers; but this popular beach destination serves as the epitome of Turkey’s broad appeal, as it’s just a stone’s throw from the Mausoleum of Mausolus, dating back to the fourth century BC. Not many beach resorts can lay claim to being so close to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World!

It’s this sheer diversity and scope for adventure which characterises a holiday in Turkey. Wherever you’re based, and whether you’ve planned to soak up the sights or the sunshine, you’ll be richly rewarded. This is a country where stunning sandy beaches go hand-in-hand with breathtaking mountain scenery; where a compelling cultural heritage unfolds in busy city streets and remote ruins alike; and where the mysteries of the east are made accessible to western sensibilities. Immerse yourself in the culture, the food, the climate, the scenery… put your preconceptions about Turkey to one side, and take a fresh look at this beguiling land.

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