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Thursday 30 May 2024

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Sponsored Video: Longer days are coming; make the most of them with The North Face®


We’ve been waiting for so long…it’s been hard and we almost lost hope. But you’ve finally arrived and we are ready to enjoy you and your #LongerDays…


The long winter, with its meagre daylight hours, is at last drawing to a close. There is a freshness; a lightness in the air that hails the oncoming spring to summer, and the promise of long days and bright nights. It is time for adventure.

The North Face® are inviting those intrepid walkers, runners, hikers and climbers to explore longer, making the most of those wonderful, longer days ahead. And for those more sedentary specimens amongst us, why not take up the challenge and make this the season to do more, live more and seek out adventures you’ve never dreamed of. Most of us lead busy, hectic lives these days, so take the opportunity to embrace your inner explorer and revitalise your spirit.

Take up the inspiration and get involved in the fun and action, head over and like
The North Face® on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and Instagram, and check out their official website for the skinny on how you can become part of the great adventure.

Don’t forget to include @thenorthface.europe when posting on Facebook, or @thenorthfaceEU for tweets, and to embrace the experience to the fullest, download the Explorer app to your mobile now, create your profile and start adding your pictures and stories – the more the better! And keep the excitement going by retweeting and reposting every time you or the campaign get a mention. Keep your followers up to date and share, share, share!

There are daily prizes to be won in the Explorer Photo Competition, so whether you’re on a mountain summit or blazing your favourite trail, share your pictures and experiences using #LongerDays.

Make the most of the longer days, and live life to the full with The North Face®.

Post sponsored by The North Face®

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