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Thursday 30 May 2024

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Chalet Minigolf – for a perfect summer afternoon in Ostend’s Leopoldpark


It was a flat, grey – almost drizzly yet warm – kind of summer Sunday afternoon when, strolling through Ostend’s Leopoldpark, we stumbled across Chalet Minigolf.

Sheltering under some nearby trees whilst perusing the menu, we were quite prepared to find over-the-odds prices, as many parkland cafés like to charge. But, no! Chalet Minigolf turned out to be one of the most reasonably priced hostelries in this iconic Belgian resort.

With a good range of food and drink on offer, we opted simply to enjoy a few Leffe Blondes in the warm afternoon air, supplied each time with a little ramekin of kibbles.

And as afternoon turned slowly, mellowly, into early evening, a magical and stealthy sun gradually appeared, warming our bones and temperament to the point of bliss.

An ideal setting, exemplary service and extremely competitive pricing make this an almost perfect Belgian coastal experience. If you want to discover something a little out of the ordinary but very extra special, we urge you to track it down too.

Chalet Minigolf
Leopoldpark 1
8400 Ostend


Tel.: 0032 59 70 54 37





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