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Wednesday 19 June 2024

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le Feast café on Poulton-le-Fylde Station is a fantastic start to your journey


Since we started our campaign to cover as much of the globe as we can by train, rather than flying, many of our intrepid adventures begin with our little First Great Western diesel locomotive from Poulton-le-Fylde to Preston.

Now, Poulton Station has always been a small but pretty one, with its numerous hanging baskets and well kept platforms, but it could still represent a gloomy start to your journey on a day whose weather was less than clement. However, in more recent times, the addition of a remarkable little refreshment room has given any sojourn emanating from this little quarter an air of sophistication and excitement.

le Feast, straight out of the heart of Brief Encounter, is a little slice of perfection. Nurtured by a team of colourful professionals, each a character you’ll love getting to know, this efficient café serves up a range of refreshments, including Segafredo Zanetti (Italy’s finest espresso, you know), delicious hot chocolates and teas, plus a range of cold drinks. There are ready made up, handcrafted sandwiches and paninis or, if you’ve time, they’ll create you something fresh exactly to your taste. Early starters can get amazing breakfast rolls, and there’s a good selection of sweets and cakes to square off any meal, some of which can be added to the ‘meal deal’. And if you pre-order, they’ll have you a scrummy picnic all packed up in advance, ready for you to collect before your away day to somewhere special.

However, one of the biggest bonuses of le Feast may not, at first, be so obvious – it’s so darned good, I’m never on the last minute for my train anymore; building an extra half hour in to purchase my bag of goodies and enjoy a creamy hot chocolate on the platform is now obligatory.

le Feast
The Platform
Poulton-le-Fylde Railway Station
Breck Road


Tel.: 0044 1253 425592


Popularity: 50% [?]

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