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Thursday 30 May 2024

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Sponsored Video: Sweet Bed by ibis™ is put to the ultimate Amazonian challenge


Soaring high above the clouds of the Amazonian jungle, a world apart from humanity, enshrouded in mystery, magic and mythical curses, lies one of the most inhospitable and inaccessible corners of the earth – Mount Roraima, otherwise known as Devil’s Mountain.

Be it dark superstition or scientific fact, it is a long-held belief that to spend a night on this forbidding summit would be nothing short of impossible, which made it the perfect choice of location when ibis decided to show the world the absolute comfort guaranteed by their Sweet Bed by ibis™.

Engaging the services of adventurer, photographer and filmmaker Aaron Chervenak, ibis set the remarkable challenge of getting a bed to the top of the mountain, and Aaron sleeping the night in it.

With a small, dedicated team comprising Aaron, fellow adventurer Gareth Jones, Doctor Joe Wiesenburger, producer Hayley Edmonds, and her assistant Sylla Saint-Guily, the quest began in the depths of South America. With equipment supplied by expedition partner Columbia, the select group made their way to the highest point of the mountain, at over 2,800 metres. Atop the hostile summit, Aaron determines to put the Sweet Bed by ibis™ through its paces, and test the bold claims of its ultimate comfort. Monitored closely, though remotely, by Doctor Joe, Aaron’s vitals are a direct indication of the effectiveness of the bed in this most threatening environment.

Follow the team’s adventures by watching the breathtaking video here, and exploring the immersive website by following this link.

There are now 1000 ibis Hotels in 58 countries throughout the world, and they have invested heavily in the Sweet Bed by ibis™. This gruelling challenge provides unassailable evidence that their promise that “now, the best place to sleep is everywhere!” is made out of real commitment, and founded on genuine experience of the bed’s absolute comfort.

World Travel Blog has itself put the Sweet Bed by ibis™ to the test on numerous occasions, at various hotels across the globe and, although we cannot claim the prestige of such an undertaking as this, we can report that its performance is uniformly exceptional, and always propitious to a perfect night’s rest. The ibis Network’s determination to prove this beyond exception exhibits their supreme confidence in a sensational piece of soporific engineering.

Post sponsored by ibis.

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